Utility Services

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The Town of Queen Creek Water Division continually strives to provide a safe and reliable supply of high-quality drinking water. While much of the valley gets water from canals and the Salt River, Queen Creek draws its water from wells. Since the water comes directly from the ground, it’s very pure and needs little treatment before drinking. Water quality is further ensured through a series of chemical and bacteriological tests performed throughout the year. The Town has established practices to make sure our water meets or exceeds all standards for water quality monitoring requirements set by U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and state of Arizona drinking water health standards.

Water Conservation

Living in the desert poses unique challenges for conserving our valuable water resources. In addition to learning how to check your watering system for leaks and landscaping with low-water use vegetation, reducing water use in your daily activities also can make a significant difference. The Town provides a variety of resources and information for residents to learn more about water conservation and its impacts.

The Town of Queen Creek operates a sewer utility system serving the Town Center and much of the planned higher density residential areas in the community. To see if you are in the Town of Queen Creek's sewer service area, view the sewer service map. The Town’s wastewater crew cleans the sewer lines and operates the lift stations. To report sewer blockages in Queen Creek’s main lines, call 480-358-3131.

Greenfield Water Reclamation Plant

Queen Creek is a part owner of the Greenfield Water Reclamation Plant located at 4400 S. Greenfield Road in Gilbert. This plant is jointly owned by the municipalities of Queen Creek, Gilbert and Mesa and is intended to ultimately serve a population of 640,000. Wastewater development fees pay for the Town’s 18.4 percent share of ownership in the wastewater treatment facility and for the construction of the collection system. The costs for treatment at the plant and maintenance of the plant and collection system are paid for by the sewer bills residents pay each month.

Trash & Recycling
The Town of Queen Creek has established a contract with Right Away Disposal (RAD) to provide curbside trash and recycling services to the majority of the homes in Queen Creek. Scheduled collection days are determined by zones. Services included in the contract are listed below.

Most households will find that one trash cart and one recycling cart is sufficient if they use the recycling cart for the full range of recyclable materials. However, residents can obtain an extra recycling cart without charge and can order an extra trash cart for an extra $7.15 per month.

The Town, in conjunction with United Fibers, Phoenix Fibers and Bonded Logic, is proud to be a part of North America’s first municipal curbside clothing recycling initiative. Nearly 7,000 residents will participate in this innovative pilot program starting in late August 2012. Residents will be able to recycle materials like clothing, towels, sheets, blankets, and shoes simply by putting them into a special bag that can be placed into their regular curbside recycling bin.

The Town also has contracted with Right Away Disposal (RAD) for a reduced self-haul rate for Town residents who wish to haul trash or green waste to RAD’s Transfer Station at a reduced rate of $10 per pick-up/trailer load. The transfer station is located between Idaho Road and Tomahawk Road, north of Baseline Road in Apache Junction. The address is 3755 S. Royal Palm Road, and the phone number is 480-983-9101. A a driver's license with a copy of a Town of Queen Creek Water Bill is required for the reduced rate.

Utility Bill Payments
Utility bill payments can be made in-person at the Municipal Services Building, 22358 S. Ellsworth Road, during Town office hours, 7 a.m.-6 p.m., Monday through Thursday. Customers may also sign up for online bill payment at www.queencreek.org or use the convenient drive-up payment drop box located directly east of Town Hall, 22350 S. Ellsworth Road.

For information about other utilities, including contacts for power, gas and telephone/cable services, visit the Resident Resources page.