The Town of Queen Creek is served by six public school districts as well as private and charter schools. Institutions of higher learning and workforce development are located nearby.

Primary and Secondary Education

Higher Education

2012 American Community Survey Educational Attainment Demographics

Educational Attainment Number Percent
Less than 9th Grade 127 0.9
9th to 12th Grade, no diploma 352 2.5
High School Graduate (includes equivalency) 2,817 20.0
Some college, no degree 4,536 32.2
Associates Degree 1,676 11.9
Bachelors Degree 3,381 24.0
Graduate or Professional Degree 1,183 8.4
Population 25 Years and Over 14,072 100.0
High School Graduate or Higher
Bachelor's Degree or Higher

Schools and School Districts in Queen Creek

2005 American Community Survey Education Attainment Demographics