2018 General Plan Update


Provide Your Input on Queen Creek's Land Use Map

The land use map is a primary component of the Town's General Plan; it defines what places can go where through land use categories. Learn more about the various categories, and provide your input on the draft land use map by visiting PlanQC.com

PlanQC Land Use Page

What is a General Plan  
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About the General Plan Update

The Queen Creek General Plan serves as the Town's road map to guide development, appropriately manage growth, and effectively conserve natural resources. The General Plan identifies goals and policies, and integrates plans related to land use, growth area, transportation, parks, trails and open space, environmental planning, water resources and economic development.

State law requires communities to prepare and adopt a General Plan every ten years with input from the community. The current General Plan was approved by voters in September 2008. Town staff is now in the process of updating that General Plan to reflect the growth that has occurred since its previous adoption in 2008.

Why Get Involved

The General Plan lays the foundation for facilitating the Town’s growth, and the updated plan will be in place for the next 10 years. Help shape the future of your community!

View the current Queen Creek General Plan and Map  


  • May 2016: Project team kickoff
  • June 2016 – December 2016: Research and strategy development
  • December 2016 – January 2017: Education and input (public involvement - Phase 1)
  • February 2017: Land use education and input (public involvement - Phase 2)
  • March: Draft plan is created
  • May/June: Line by line review (public involvement - Phase 3)
  • July: Final draft plan presented at P&Z (first public hearing)
  • August: Final draft plan presented at P&Z (second public hearing)
  • September: Final draft plan is presented to Town Council (third public hearing); Town Council votes on presented plan
  • Spring, 2018: outreach regarding vote to ratify the plan
  • May, 2018: Election to approve 2018 General Plan Update


Brett Burningham, Planning Administrator

Sarah Mertins, Planner II