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Parks and Recreation Master Plan Update

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West Park Design

Master Plan Updates 

  • PLAN*et held a Public Input Workshop for the Parks and Recreation Master Plan Update project on January 19 at the QC Library from 6-8 p.m.

  • A presentation was given to the Town Council on the PRAC recommended LOS at the Dec 21 meeting.

  • On December 13, the Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee (PRAC) reviewed, discussed, and voted on the Level of Service (LOS) recommendation provided by PLAN*et for the Town's Parks and Recreation Master Plan. PLAN*et will be presenting the PRAC recommended LOS as an item for discussion at the December 21 Town Council meeting. 

  • PLAN*et held the Community Education Workshop for the Parks and Recreation Master Plan and West Park Site projects on August 6 at the QC Library from 9am-1pm. If you missed the meeting, you can still access the presentation by PLAN*et by clicking here

  • The Town Council approved the contract to update and consolidate the the Five Park Master Plan (2007) and the Parks, Trails and Open Space Master Plan (2005) with Plan-et Communities Consulting at the March 16 Town Council Meeting.

  • Community Focus Groups facilitated by Plan*et were held on May 14 and May 17; the summary of results were presented to PRAC at the June 14 meeting. There were thirteen special interest groups included: sports partners, equestrian groups, teen interest, private recreation providers, HOA management groups, special event/economic development groups, faith-based leaders, education partners, public safety employees, historical preservation interest groups, Boy and Girl Scout leaders, preschool/home-schoolers, and Citizen Leadership alumni

  • PRAC approved the Community Survey Questions for Plan*et to use in the Parks and Recreation Community Survey; residents were called during the last two weeks of July and asked to participate in this important 10 minute survey. Results were provided at the August 6 Workshop and are available under documents

Current activities include:

  • Creation of Master Plan vision, goals, and strategies (created via community input)
  • Finalizing the components of the recreation system and connections within it (i.e., trails)
  • Development of strategic plan options for meeting future recreation needs and desires with costs
  • Developing strategies for recreation programs, administration, maintenance, and funding

Anticipated timeline for the remainder of the plan (updated Jan 30):

  • February/March-  Plan*et will attend Town committee and commission meetings in an effort to solicit additional feedback for the MPU
  • Feb. 15- Town Council; history, public interaction/outreach efforts, feedback summary, amenity differences, visuals from Jan 19 public meeting
  • March 1-  Town Council;  preliminary recommendation about park locations and included amenities, costs & revenues report; Council to provide feedback on presented information to give staff direction to complete the first draft of the plan
  • March 7-  PRAC to review Council comments and a draft of the MPU; vote on the draft MPU as a recommendation to the Town Council
  • April 5-  Town Council to review and provide feedback on the final draft of the MPU
  • April 11-  PRAC to review FINAL DRAFT, provide feedback, and make a recommendation to Council
  • May 3-  Town Council to vote on adoption of final MPU



West Park Site Plans


At the November 16 Town Council meeting, the Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee (PRAC) recommended West Park site conceptual design was approved. Staff was directed to move forward with the procurement of contracts for an Architect/Engineer (A/E) firm and Construction Management At-Risk (CMAR). 

On September 21, staff presented the PRAC recommended Conceptual Design (Revised Version of B) to the Town Council. The Council asked staff to work with the designer to remove the parking lots from the conceptual design and make all 30 acres park space. The designer and staff will present the updated concepts to PRAC on October 25.

*You can view the recorded presentations from the Town Council meetings by clicking here. You can view the staff power point presentations below, under "Documents."


Council Approved West Park Design Concept Map

West Park Conceptual Design PP Presentation to Town Council on November 16 

West Park Site Concept B-Revised

West Park Conceptual Design PP Presentation to Town Council on September 21

Review West Park Poll Feedback/Comments

Upcoming Events

PRAC Meeting December 13

PLAN*et LOS Presentation/Discussion Item at Town Council Meeting December 21




Contact Information

Adam Robinson, Recreation Superintendent Recreation Services Division | Town of Queen Creek | Office: 480-358-3715 | Fax: 480-358-3701 | email:  | 22350 S. Ellsworth Road, Queen Creek, AZ 85242    |

April Petersen, Town Management Assistant Recreation Services Division | Town of Queen Creek | Telephone: 480-358-3705 | Fax: 480-358-3701 |  email:  | 22350 S. Ellsworth Road, Queen Creek, AZ  85242 |