Queen Creek Corporation Yard Design and Phase 1

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Design and Phase I of Corp Yard Pic 2CURRENT PHASE: PRELIMINARY


Design and Phase I of a New Corporation Yard to include Utilities, Streets, Municipal Grounds, Fleet and Facilities services.

Estimated Project Cost: $ 1.8 million


Maintenance operations will be moved from the current location at Queen Creek, east of Signal Butte, to the permanent location on 220th and Ryan alignments. The facilities will serve Fleet, Streets, Grounds, Traffic, Facilities, Water, and Wastewater operations.

Design has progressed to 60% on the proposed interim maintenance yard layout, incorporating the relocated existing structures with new workshops, warehouses, and offices for review by department managers and supervisors.


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Design and Phase I of Corp Yard 










For more information about our Capital Improvement Program, contact Troy White, Public Works Director at 480-358-3746 or troy.white@queencreek.org.

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