Agricultural Dust

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Plowed Farm FieldAgricultural activities have been identified as a source that contributes to producing particulate matter. In an effort to address agriculture's contribution to PM-10, the Governor's Agricultural Best Management Practices (BMP) Committee was created in 1998 to develop an agricultural PM-10 permit that would address the need for controls on agricultural operations. This agricultural PM-10 general permit requires that at least one BMP be implemented to control PM-10 for each of the following three categories: tillage and harvest, non-cropland and cropland.

Any farmer who farms more than 10 contiguous acres of land located within the Maricopa County PM-10 non-attainment area must comply with the agricultural PM-10 general permit.

The Arizona Department of Agriculture offers a compliance assistance program for commercial farmers to ensure compliance with laws and rules that address air quality standards within the Maricopa County PM-10 non-attainment area.

Members of the public can file complaints regarding excessive agricultural dust with the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ).