Pavement Maintenance Projects

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Fall 2017 Pavement Management Program

The Town's 2017 pavement management program includes various pavement or sealcoat applications or asphalt mill (removal) and overlay in various locations. Residents in the service area directly affected by work will receive information via a direct mail postcard/flyer prior to work taking place.  

Scheduled to begin the week of November 6, various residential, collector and arterial streets in Queen Creek are scheduled for pavement preservation applications.  Restrictions or closures may be in place depending on the type of roadway and type of application being conducted.  Message boards or signage will be in place on larger roadways prior to the work taking place. Residents directly affected by street closures will receive information via direct mail, followed by a door hanger 1-2 days prior to the work taking place, and signage placed at the entry to the street the day prior to the street closing. Specific information as to dates for your scheduled streets will be included on the door hanger.

The following arterial roadways will be impacted:

·       Sossaman (Queen Creek to Rittenhouse)

·       Hawes (north of Ocotillo to north of Queen Creek)

·       Signal Butte (Ocotillo to Queen Creek)

·       Crismon (Ocotillo to Queen Creek)

·       Ocotillo (small portion west of Ellsworth Loop)

Scheduled for November 8-15, Ellsworth Road, from just south of Ocotillo to Ellsworth Loop Road will have a mill (removal of asphalt) and pavement overlay conducted. Crews will lower utilities so the removal of asphalt can take place in an efficient manner without damaging these utilities, and scheduled for November 9-15, crews will remove the top layer of asphalt, pave back a new layer of asphalt, stripe the road, and raise the utilities so they are flush with the new road surface. As this work crosses side streets or driveways, there will be brief periods (15-20 minutes) where access may be restricted; however, crews will work to expedite this activity to the extent possible. Ellsworth Road will remain open for travel during this work with lane restrictions in place or a flagger operation to manage traffic near the work zone. On-street parking will not be permitted during this time.

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The following collector roadways will be impacted:

·       Wagon Wheel (south of Hunt Highway)

·       Victoria (Ellsworth Loop to Ocotillo)

·       Heritage Loop (Ellsworth Road to Ocotillo)

·       Village Loop North and South

·       Sierra Park 

·       Creek Side Court

 Roadways in the following neighborhoods will be impacted:

·       Sentiero

·       Goldmine Estates

·       Remington Estates 

·       Sossaman Estates 3

·       Hastings Farms

·       Country Park Estates 

·       Church Farms

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In the event of weather or material delays causing a reschedule of work, we will do our best to update this map as quickly as possible.  Should your street be rescheduled, it will typically fall to the end of the schedule (as opposed to the next day) and you will be re-notified with a door hanger 1-2 days prior to the work

Work to be done on arterial streets, which are wider roadways that carry higher volumes of traffic, such as Ellsworth Road, Germann Road, Ocotillo Road, can typically be done without closing the road.  However, lane restrictions will be in place or for more narrow roadways, there may be a flagger operation or pilot car to direct travelers/vehicles through the work zone.

Work to be done on collector streets, which are typically larger streets in or near residential areas that collect traffic from the residential area and carry it to the arterial street system, typically takes place one-half the street at a time to provide for travel in both directions.  However, a flagger operation will be in place to direct travelers around the work zone.

Work on residential (neighborhood) streets, is typically done with a CLOSURE of the street for 10-14 hours, depending on the pavement application.  Residential streets are more narrow so it's not always feasible to work one-half the street at a time and provide a direction of travel; and doing this can compromise the quality of the pavement application as vehicles would be traveling over it earlier than desired.  We understand this presents some inconvenience to residents in the affected area; however, pavement preservation is important for the maintenance of roadways and extends the life of the asphalt to prevent more significant, costly measures in roadway maintenance.  

For residents in the scheduled residential areas, please remember:

Access Restrictions

  • On the day of your scheduled work, your street may be closed to traffic. Application will typically begin at 7:00 a.m. After that time, it is requested that you avoid driving across the wet surface to or from your driveway until the barricades have been removed. This will prevent damage to the mat and black marks in your driveway.  Do not drive on the street until the barricades are removed.

Parking Restrictions

  • Street parking is not allowed. If you have vehicles, trailers or other means of transportation parked in the street in front of your property they will need to be removed until your street is completely resurfaced. You will be notified by door hanger 24-48 hours in advance of the application, and signage will be placed at the entry to your street the day prior to the scheduled closure.

Application Cure Time

  • Driving on wet/uncured sealants can cause damage to the vehicle and to the street surface. The length of time the sealant has to “cure” depends on the temperature and moisture of the air. As long as the weather is warm and dry on this application day, the surface should be ready by end of day.  The surface will continue to be somewhat malleable for several days after initial application, which will help work out any overlaps or ridges. However, we do ask that you avoid making sharp turns which result in “pivot” marks. These “pivot” marks will require patching.  

Street Clearance and Irrigation Sprinklers

  • To achieve the best possible results we need to have accessibility to all areas of the street. Low hanging branches block equipment accessibility and may cause damage to the equipment and trees. Please have all landscaping trimmed to curb line and roadway clearance under branches pruned to 10 feet.
  • Refrain from using sprinklers on the day of the sealant application to prevent water overspilling onto the pavement. Water applied during the cure time will prevent the material from bonding properly.

Trash Pick Up and Postal Services

  • Trash services will NOT be disrupted. The schedule will be planned around trash days or trash pick-up will take place prior to the pavement application. If your street is scheduled for closure on your trash day, please be sure to have trash out the night prior to ensure early morning pick-up can take place.
  • Mail service should continue as usual; however, in some instances during pavement application, postal services will not be able to deliver and will be delivered the next mail day. .

Please drive with caution and obey traffic signage and construction personnel (flaggers) when driving near the paving activity. These measures are in place for the safety of the work crews, nearby pedestrians, residents and businesses, and travelers. Please allow for extra travel time during paving activity and thank you for your patience during this process.  

For project information, please contact our project hotline at 480.898.4090.