Please have trash and recycle carts curbside by 6 a.m. on your scheduled pick up day. 


Take a look at all the things you can put in your big blue cart.

Click on the icon next to each material for detailed recycling guidelines. If it's not on the list, please resist.

Plastic Bottles, Jugs, Jars & Dinnerware

PlasticBottlesPlasticJugsOther Plastics_group shot_cut

Examples of acceptable items include: - # 1 - 7 plastics are accepted BUT NO PLASTIC BAGS, SNACK BAGS OR STYROFOAM EVEN IF THEY ARE NUMBERED 

- Soda, water, shampoo, and soap bottles
- Milk, laundry detergent, and cat litter jugs
- Yogurt, sour cream, cottage cheese, and butter tubs
- Peanut butter and mayonnaise jars
- Plastic trays like those used for microwave dinners
- Clear "Clam-Shell” containers like those used to package strawberries, bakery goods and salads
- Plastic egg cartons and cookie divider shells
**Gently rinse items**
- NO plastic bags, plastic lids or caps
- NO Stryofoam, plastic shrink wrap
- NO plastic toys or plastic toothpaste type tubes


Examples of acceptable items include: 
- Corrugated Cardboard  (Remove plastic wrappers and flatten.)
- Brown Paper Bags
- Newspapers
- Paperboard - cereal, food, shoe boxes, etc. (Remove plastic liners.)
- Molded fiberboard
- Magazines and catalogs - less than 1/2 inch thick
- Phone books
- Printing and writing paper
- Mail - envelope windows and mail are okay. (Remove other non paper items.)
- Other paper - pamphlets, brochures, file folders, card stock, etc.

Aluminum & Metal Cans

Examples of acceptable items include:
- Aluminum cans
- Steel/Tin cans - non-hazardous aerosol cans are ok. (No other steel.)
**Gently rinse items**

Glass Bottles & Jars

Glass_group shot_cut 

Examples of acceptable items include:
- Glass food and beverage bottles and jars. (No other glass.)
**Gently rinse items**



Examples of acceptable items include:
- Milk (dairy, soy and almond)
- Juice
- Cream
- Egg white and egg substitute
- Soup and broth
- Protein drinks
- Eggnog
- Wine
- Tofu
- Small juice boxes
- Ice cream and frozen yogurt
**Empty all food or liquid and gently rinse**
Remove straws and caps

Non-Recyclable Items


Keep these out of your Do More Blue cart:

- Food waste
- Plastic bags
- Yard waste
- Styrofoam
- Pizza Boxes
- Clothing
- Grass
- Diapers

Want to know why you can't recycle plastic bags?
Where do our recycling materials go?


QC Recycle Center Map

QC Recycle Center

Visit us at the QC Recycle Center, conveniently located at Crewse Lane and Ellsworth Road in Town Center (across from Founders' Park Splash Pad, just south of Town Hall). The Town provides this service to residents who live in multi-family communities or businesses without in-house recycling. Recycling helps the entire community! This site is available to anyone who wishes to use it, including those who have not yet begun service.




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