Economic Development Commission

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The Economic Development Commission assists staff on updating and revising the Queen Creek Strategic Plan for Economic Development. Commission members are appointed by the Town Council to help define an updated vision for the Town and develop a series of new strategies and action items.

Members include:

  • Emilena Turley (Vice Mayor) 
  • Dawn Oliphant (Council Member)
  • Lee Ester
  • Carson Brown
  • Warde Nichols
  • Jason Barney
  • Richard Graham
  • Steve Sossaman
  • Mark Schnepf
  • Perry Rea
  • Chris Clark
  • Cindy Barnes
  • Derek Neighbors
  • Bill Smith
  • Shane Randall
  • Perry Berry
  • Grant Tayrien
  • Courtney Kleinebreil
06/27/2018 7:30 a.m. - 9:30 a.m. Not Included