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Ken McNabb Horsemanship Clinic

The 3 day horsemanship clinic with Ken McNabb provides a unique experience that you will not find with any other clinician. You will develop a close personal relationship with your horse. You will develop lasting relationships with the other people in the group. These 3 days will help you build confidence in your ability to interact with your horse. This is the most one on one time you will ever get while still in a small group setting. Ken’s simple and easy to understand instruction helps him build a relationship with each individual participant. As you progress through the clinic you can move as you and your horse are ready. If you understand the exercise quickly than Ken will give you the next one, but if your horse doesn’t understand than you can continue to work the exercise until you are ready for the next one. You are not rushed through but also you don’t get held back waiting for those to catch up. You can be an advanced rider working on finishing maneuvers and new riders working on foundation. When the clinic is over you will have a relationship with your horse like Roy Rogers had with Trigger. It’s the best investment you can make in your horse.

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