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It is the mission of the Town of Queen Creek to provide a framework for a high quality of life, promote a strong sense of community and provide responsive public services in a caring, ethical, innovative and accountable manner.

The Town, as an organization, serves as a facilitator, working to realize the community's vision for itself. We provide the infrastructure citizens need to have safe homes, roads and places of business. We protect and safeguard public money and property. We offer recreational activities to strengthen the bodies and minds of our youth, helping them to stay on the path to a bright future. We budget and plan resources so citizen will get the most from their tax dollars. When citizens and clients come to Town Hall, we provide superior customer service. We strive to improve the lives of people who choose to live here.

The key to the Town fulfilling its mission, is our employees. Learn more about what it is like to work for the Town of Queen Creek and see job openings at



Cole Alford, Horseshoe Park

See what it's like to work at Horseshoe Park in the summer!


April Peterson, Special Events Specialist

QC Works - Special events specialist brings fun to QC events.

 Steve Gonzales

Steve Gonzales, Maintenance and Operations Supervisor

Maintenance and Operations Supervisor keeps Town Parks and municipal grounds in top condition. 08/27/13

 Marianne Fulton  

Marianne Fulton, Recreation Division Customer Service Coordinator

Recreation Division’s Customer Service Coordinator helps keeps residents active, happy. 07/23/13

 Salamatullah Sayeed  

Salamatullah Sayeed, Engineering Technician

Engineering Technician instrumental in generating development, growth in Queen Creek. 07/02/13

 Margie Payton  

Margie Payton, Customer Service Coordinator

Queen Creek Customer Service Coordinator ensures residents receive quality service and support  06/19/13

 Tim Lynch

Tim Lynch, Horseshoe Park General Manager

Horseshoe Park General Manager helping make Queen Creek a tourist destination 05/16/13

 Jennifer Robinson  

Jennifer Robinson, Town Clerk

Queen Creek's Town Clerk keeping Council and residents connected 04/16/13

Shawny Ekadis   

Shawny Ekadis, GIS Coordinator

GIS Coordinator helps 'map' out Town of Queen Creek's future  04/02/13 


Melissa Maddison, Neighborhood Preservation Specialist

Neighborhood Preservation Specialist helps keep Town beautiful