Sales Tax

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The Town of Queen Creek has a Town transaction privilege tax (sales tax). The sales tax is collected by the Arizona Department of Revenue and is in addition to the sales tax imposed by the State and County.

 Applying for a Sales Tax License - The Town of Queen Creek is a "program city" with the Arizona Department of Revenue. A program city is a municipality that has an agreement with the Arizona Dept of Revenue to act as the collecting agent for the transaction privilege tax and then remits it back to the municipality. Therefore, to obtain a Transaction Privilege (Sales) Tax license you must apply through the Arizona Department of Revenue. In return, the State of Arizona will mail you a "Transaction Privilege License." *

 Paying Sales Tax - The Town of Queen Creek is a program city. The Arizona Department of Revenue collects the Queen Creek tax along with the State and County Tax. Report your Queen Creek tax on your State Form TPT-1. For Queen Creek tax rate information please refer to the Model City Tax Code.

Sales Tax in Queen Creek Marketplace, Cornerstone at QC & QC District Projects  - A project sales tax surcharge of 0.25 percent will be added to each sale or transaction within these developments. The money collected from this surcharge will be put into a special fund to be used only for key infrastructure, operations and maintenance or other programming or projects within the Town Center, consistent with the Town Center Plan.

 Internet Sales- Items sold by a business located in the Town of Queen Creek via the Internet to Arizona residents are taxable at the State/County and Queen Creek rate and must be reported.

   *In addition to the "transaction privilege license" a Queen Creek business license may also be required.