Local, State and Federal Government

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County, State & Federal Officials

The Town's Intergovernmental Relations staff is available if you have any questions about reaching your county, state or federal officials. Please contact Jamie Bennett at jamie.bennett@queencreek.org or 480-358-3913 for assistance. 

District Map

The map below depicts where the various county, state, and federal legislative districts fall within the Queen Creek town limits. Map users can easily identify which elected officials at the various levels of government are their appropriate point of contact. A PDF version of the maps is also available here

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County Officials

Town of Queen Creek boundaries include portions of both Maricopa and Pinal counties. The governing bodies for both counties are their board of supervisors. Areas of each county are represented by an individual supervisor from the board.

Maricopa County
The Supervisor for the Maricopa County portion of Queen Creek is Denny Barney.  He can be reached at 602-506-1776 or by e-mail at barneyd@mail.maricopa.gov. For general Maricopa County inquiries, call 602-506-3011 or visit Maricopa.gov.

Pinal County
Two supervisors represent areas within the Pinal County portion of Queen Creek: Supervisor Mike Goodman and Supervisor Stephen Miller. To verify which district covers which geographical boundaries, please visit Pinal County's website at PinalCountyAZ.gov.

District 2 Pinal County Supervisor is Mike Goodman. He can be reached at 520-866-6104 or by e-mail at mike.goodman@pinalcountyaz.gov he represents a majority of the Town's incorporated limits within Pinal County.

District 3 Pinal County Supervisor is Stephen Miller. He can be reached at 520-866-7401 or steve.miller@pinalcountyaz.gov. Supervisor Miller's district within the Town's incorporated limits is very small.

 For general Pinal County inquiries, call 520-509-3555 or visit PinalCountyAZ.gov.

State Officials

Office of the Governor of the State of Arizona
To contact Arizona Governor Doug Doucey, call the Governor’s Office at 602-542-4331 or 1-800-253-0883, or visit the Governor’s website at Governor.State.AZ.US.

Arizona State Legislature

The Town of Queen Creek's incorporated boundaries includes three state legislative districts: 8, 12 and 16. To verify which legislative district you are represented by, you can use the map imbedded above, or visit AZRedistricting.org/districtlocator/. Additional information about the State Legislature can be found at AZLeg.gov. 

District #8 (includes a small portion of the Town's incorporated limits in Pinal County, and another small portion of the Town's planning area)

Representing portions of Queen Creek within Legislative District 8, are Senator Frank Pratt, Representative David Cook and Representative T.J Shope.

  • Senator Frank Pratt can be reached at 602-926-5761 or by e-mail at fpratt@azleg.gov.
  • Representative David Cook can be reached at 602-926-5162 or by e-mail at dcook@azleg.gov.
  • Representative T.J. Shope can be reached at 602-926-3012 or by e-mail at tshope@azleg.gov.

District #12 (includes the majority of the Town's incorporated limits in Maricopa County and Pinal County)

Representing portions of Queen Creek within Legislative District 12, are Senator Warren Petersen, Representative Eddie Farnsworth and Representative Travis Grantham.

  • Senator Warren Petersen can be reached at 602-926-4136 or by e-mail at wpetersen@azleg.gov.
  • Representative Eddie Farnsworth can be reached at 602-926-4630 or by e-mail at efarnsworth@azleg.gov.
  • Representative Travis Grantham can be reached at 602-926-4868 or by e-mail at tgrantham@azleg.gov.

District #16 (includes a small portion of the Town's incorporated limits in Pinal County)

Representing portions of Queen Creek that fall within Legislative District 16 are Senator David Farnsworth, Representative Doug Coleman and Representative Kelly Townsend.

  • Senator David Farnsworth can be reached at 602-926-3020 or by e-mail at dfarnsworth@azleg.gov.
  • Representative Doug Coleman can be reached at 602-926-3160 or by e-mail at dcoleman@azleg.gov.
  • Representative Townsend can be reached at 602-926-4467 or by e-mail at ktownsend@azleg.gov.  

Federal Officials

U.S. Senate
The United States Senators for the state of Arizona are John McCain and Jeff Flake.

U.S. House of Representatives
Representing Queen Creek in the U.S. House of Representatives are Andy Biggs and Paul Gosar.

  • Congressman Andy Biggs (District 5) represents Queen Creek residents living in the Town's incorporated limits in Maricopa County. Congressman Biggs can be reached at 480-699-8239 or through a message online.
  • Congressman Paul Gosar (District 4) represents Queen Creek residents living in the Town's incorporated limits in Pinal County. Congressman Gosar can be reached at 928-445-1683 or through a message online.