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Development Services

The Municipal Services Building (MSB) is the place to go for development, planning and zoning, building and engineering services all in one convenient location. The MSB is staffed with Development Services Coordinators who are trained to be the first point of contact for any building project. The coordinators answer questions, serve as guides throughout the development and approval processes, and help connect builders and residents with planners, engineers and permit technicians as needed. Someone is always available during office hours to help you:

  • Learn about the zoning and allowable use designations for properties in the Town
  • Apply for rezoning, subdivision, site plan or special use permits
  • Apply for building permits
  • Find out the status of project applications
  • Learn about current zoning cases

Development Application Process

Typically, applications for development follow the steps outlined in the development application process flowchart below. For more information on planning and zoning processes as they relate to specific projects, contact Development Services at 480-358-3003.Planning Process

General Plan

The General Plan is the Town’s guiding document for land use, public facilities and services, circulation and economic development. The General Plan is updated every five years to ensure that development remains in-line with residents’ vision for the future of the community. Additionally, the Town is required to review proposed amendments to the General Plan annually as part of a state-mandated process to revise the plan. Applications for major amendments to the General Plan are accepted once a year in June.

Land Use

The land use element designates the proposed general distribution, location and amount of land for housing, business, industry, recreation, public facilities and open space. The plan describes each land use category, identifies density or intensity requirements and provides clear definitions for day-to-day use.

Public Facilities and Services

The public facilities and services element aims to further develop public buildings and utilities, parks and educational facilities to serve the community’s cultural, recreational and health needs. As growth requires, the Town will develop public parks, the municipal complex, sewer system and fire department, and potentially establish a police department.


The circulation element is designed to classify area roads to establish a logical, integrated system that can serve all transportation needs. The plan sets forth design standards for roads, traffic control and easements. The plan also aids in developing long-range transportation construction, improvement and funding priorities.

Economic Development

The economic development element identifies strategies the Town can use to retain existing businesses while attracting new business and industry. This is essential because a healthy commercial and industrial sector helps ensure that Town services can be financed. The Economic Development Strategic Plan is used along with this element of the General Plan to guide non-residential development.

Zoning Ordinance

The Queen Creek Zoning Ordinance contains regulations that govern planning and zoning of the Town. Provisions of the ordinance may be amended, supplemented, changed, modified or repealed through the text amendment process. The Town reviews proposed amendments as applications are submitted.

Subdivision Ordinance

The Queen Creek Subdivision Ordinance and accompanying Design Standards & Procedures Manual contain regulations to provide for adequate vehicular, pedestrian and major thoroughfares adjoining subdivisions and public facilities. The ordinance ensures individual property lots of reasonable utility, livability and other health and safety requirements. The Town reviews and updates the design manual on a quarterly basis or as needed for urgent matters affecting health and safety.

Development Fees, Guides and Applications

Development fees are one-time payments made at the time a building permit is issued that are used to pay for new growth’s share of capital costs. These fees are assessed on both residential and non-residential growth. Increases in development fees do not affect existing residents or businesses since the fees are collected when a new building permit is issued.

Town of Queen Creek development fees are used for public safety, park land purchases and improvements, expansion of the Town sewer system, construction of bridges within Town limits, and construction of fire stations and other facilities and equipment identified in the Town’s five-year Capital Improvement Plan (CIP).

Based on a recommendation from the Finance Review Task Force in 2005, the Town Council adopted a resolution to review development fees on an annual basis. The task force recommendation to annually review the fees took into account the continually increasing costs of building infrastructure.

Building Safety

Plan Review, Permits & Inspections

Building plan review, permits and inspections, required by law for the installation or alteration of any building or structure, help to ensure the safety and accessibility of buildings and construction within the Town. Permits are required for the following construction activities: room and garage additions; guest houses; deck/patio covers; roofing; fences and walls; above and below-ground swimming pools/spas; irrigation and electrical systems; heating/air systems; and structure demolition. Note: This list is not all inclusive; permits may be required for other activities.

To obtain a building permit in Queen Creek, a permit application and building plans must be submitted to the Town for review and approval. Building plans are required to determine compliance with the building, electrical and mechanical codes set forth in the International Residential Code and the Town’s engineering, planning and zoning requirements. Upon approval of building plans, applicants are notified, and a permit is issued. Fees for residential permits are based on square footage of the project; fees for commercial permits are based on project valuation. For more information or to check the status of a plan review, contact Development Services at 480-358-3003.

Inspections can be requested in person at the Municipal Services Building or by calling the Automated Inspection Request (AIR) line at 480-358-3030. The AIR system can be used to schedule inspections, cancel inspections and retrieve inspection results. Requests must be received before 1:30 p.m. for inspections to be scheduled the following business day. For a timed inspection related to concrete, call 480-358-3003.