Property Maintenance

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Property owners are required to maintain their premises free of rubbish, trash, weeds, filth, debris and dilapidated structures.

Some examples:

  • Dead or dry vegetation
  • Weeds that exceed six inches in height
  • Overgrown vegetation which obstructs sidewalks, streets, or rights-of-way


To report an issue with property maintenance call the Code Compliance (Neighborhood Preservation) division at 480-358-3307 or

                                                                 Report An Issue

PLEASE NOTE: Failure to provide contact information with your submitted complaint, will not allow the Town of Queen Creek staff to provide you with updates on the complaint.  You can, however,  always call the Code Compliance Division at 480-358-3307 to receive updated information.

Property Maintenance FAQ

The most common Town of Queen Creek property maintenance questions and violations are addressed below. For more information about these and other property maintenance issues, contact the Code Enforcement (Neighborhood Preservation) division at 480-358-3307.

Q: Who is responsible for property maintenance?
A: Property owners are required to maintain all buildings, structures and property in compliance with Town codes and ordinances. Neighborhood common areas are to be maintained by Home Owners Associations (HOA)s or the property owner adjacent to the common area in neighborhoods without HOAs.

Q: What standards apply to outdoor storage?
A: Property owners are not allowed to store appliances, trailers, boats, or building materials in their front yard. Exceptions apply where a valid building permit is in effect. (Zoning Ordinance - Article 5.6)

Q: What about the buildup of rubbish or garbage?
A: Homes and properties need to be completely free from the accumulation of garbage or rubbish. (Town Code - Chapter 10-Article 10-3)

Q: How should I properly dispose of garbage?
A: Garbage should be disposed of in a clean and sanitary manner by placing it in an approved garbage disposal facility or approved containers. (Town Code - Chapter 10-Article 10-3)

Q: How does Town code address the issue of weeds?
A: Property is in violation of Town code if weeds exceed 6 inches in height. (Town Code - Chapter 10-Article 10-3)