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The Town has received various questions regarding the proposed Box Canyon development. In an effort to provide information on the project, the following questions have been answered. If you have additional questions, please see the contact information at the end.

  • Box Canyon Open spaceWhat is Box Canyon, and where is it located?

    Box Canyon is approximately 2,100 acres of privately owned land. It is located in the southwest portion of Town, south of Hunt Highway. The project also borders Gila River Indian Community, Goldmine Estates and San Tan Mountain Regional Park.

  • Why can’t the Town stop development of this land?

    As privately owned land, the Town cannot stop development; it can only ensure the development adheres to Town development requirements and guidelines. All owners of property are allowed by right to due process of their applications for development. The Town is required to adhere to a reasonable process, including monitoring compliance with codes and ordinances to ensure the neighborhoods designed in Box Canyon are compatible with the Town’s current and future aspirations.

  • What will the Box Canyon development include?

    The proposed development is a master planned community, primarily consisting of single-family homes. Additional features include mixed use areas, amenity areas, open spaces, an elementary school, fire station site and resort.

  • How many homes will the development include?

    An amendment to the General Plan was approved in 2012, allowing 1.8 homes per acre, which equates to approximately 3,760 home sites.

  • How many new residents will the development generate?

    The Maricopa Association of Governments (MAG) Municipality Population and Housing Unit Update for 2015 estimates 3.41 individuals per household in Queen Creek. Using that estimate, the completed project will result in approximately 12,800 new residents.  

  • How will open space be preserved?

    The master planned community includes enhanced design standards. Box Canyon is designed to maximize open space; homes will be clustered to preserve large areas of open space. Additionally, the developers designated significant open space buffers to the adjacent properties, and includes multi-use trails providing connectivity to the Town’s existing trail system. The project contains 30% open space.

  • How will the development benefit the area?

    The development provides drainage and roadway benefits. It will help reduce drainage issues in the area, providing a more efficient regional draining system. The expansion of Hunt Highway will occur on the south side of the roadway, with right-of-way donated by the developers.

  • Have surrounding agencies been involved?

    The developers are coordinating with all adjacent agencies including the Town, Pinal and Maricopa counties, and applicable state agencies.

  • Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 11.48.32 AM (2)What steps will be taken to preserve the desert environment?

    The Town is committed to ensuring the community is a good fit for the future of the Town, in design, maintenance, enhancement of the Town’s character, and respectful of the desert environment. The development includes a native plant perseveration plan, which will include an inventory, relocation and revegetation of the existing plants on the property. The development will also preserve natural washes and minimize disruption of native wildlife.

  • How long will the development take to build?

    The proposed development will be completed in phases, and development could begin within three to five years. All phases of the development are expected to be complete in 20 to 30 years. 

  • How can I access more information about the Box Canyon development?
    The complete Development Plan and Planned Community District Narrative are available online at QueenCreek.org. For additional information regarding the development, or next steps, contact Christine Sheehy, Principal Planner at 480-358-3097 or Christine.Sheehy@QueenCreek.org