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The Town of Queen Creek Town Center encompasses nearly 900 acres offering commercial, entertainment and housing options.  The Town Center is envisioned to be a vibrant community that serves as a gathering place for residents, and an economic engine for business development. For more information on new businesses coming to Town Center, click here.  

Town Center Plan

Master Plan Perspective

The purpose of the Town Center Plan is to provide clear direction and master planning guidance for this strategic study area of the Town Center. The Town Center Plan is intended to further refine the goals, objectives and policies of the adopted Queen Creek General Plan, and it provides clarification on how this area should develop over time including specific design features that will distinguish this geographic area from other parts of the community.

 At its October 4, 2017 meeting, the Queen Creek Town Council approved the Town Center Plan Update: 

 2017 Queen Creek Town Center Plan Update

Market Analysis

Map of Study Area

The future of the Town Center will rely upon the continued collaboration and cooperation of private property owners, businesses, the residents of Queen Creek and the Town. Achieving the vision outlined in the Town Center Plan will take many years to complete just as it has taken many years to develop the vibrant area that exists today as was originally envisioned in 1994.  The Cottage   For additional information about the plan, please contact us. 

 Town Center Visioning Project 

The Town works to attract, retain and enhance locally owned business through planning and design, small business initiatives and educational opportunities.


The Town's goal to strengthen the economic vitality of the Town Center can be seen through initiatives such as public-private partnerships, the Town Center Committee and Gangplank Queen Creek.

Among the programs offered to businesses within the Town Center:

Arizona State University Capstone Report
In February 2011, the Town Council partnered with Arizona State University to allow graduate students who had enrolled in the ASU Urban Planning Capstone Studio to undertake a project to take a “fresh look” at the Town Center from a student’s perspective. The students made their presentation to the Town Council on May 4 and presented their final report on May 30. 

The report suggests the Town plan for a transit center adjacent to the railroad and consider establishment of an entertainment district focused on movie theaters, bowling alleys, and restaurants. Attraction of a hotel and development of a conference center are also recommended, as are the development of a circulator bus system and expansion of the Town’s park system in the area.