Town Center Plan Update

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 The purpose of the Town Center Plan is to provide clear direction and master planning guidance for this strategic study area of the Town Center. The Town Center Plan is intended to further refine the goals, objectives and policies of the adopted Queen Creek General Plan, and it provides clarification on how this area should develop over time including specific design features that will distinguish this geographic area from other parts of the community.

 At its October 4, 2017 meeting, the Queen Creek Town Council approved the Town Center Plan Update: 

 2017 Queen Creek Town Center Plan Update

Market Analysis

 Map of Study Area

Master Plan Perspective

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Downtown Core

On November 7,  2018 the Town Council approved the creation of a new Downtown Core (DC) Zoning District in the heart of Queen Creek. This effort includes text amendments to the Zoning Ordinance and the creation of a Downtown Core Design Guidelines Manual meant to encourage a pedestrian-oriented and unique one-of-a-kind destination environment that celebrates the history and future of Queen Creek.

Downtown Core map

Design Guidelines and Executive Summary 


The first Town Center plan was completed and adopted in October 1994. The original vision for the Town Center – a mixed area with appropriate housing densities, with large and small scale commercial development planned to serve not only Queen Creek residents but a community-wide and regional market - has continued to be the foundation for the planning efforts and decision making that has occurred over the past several years.

Since 1994, a revised version of the Town Center Plan was adopted by the Town Council. Extensive public outreach including focus groups, design charrettes, public meetings and a youth forum were held to understand the public’s vision of how the Town Center should develop. A Town Center Committee comprised of citizens and elected officials worked closely with a consultant team to develop the plan that was adopted by the Town Council in March 2005. Many of the goals and policies of the 2005 plan have been achieved and are visible in the Town Center we see today; however, a rapidly changing and dynamic environment has necessitated the need to update the Plan to ensure the Town Center remains responsive to new opportunities. Therefore, the Town Council initiated an update of the Plan and appointed members of the Town Center Committee in January 2009 to focus on this task.  The current plan was approved in 2011. 

The development of the Queen Creek Town Center Plan is intended to serve the community well through this decade and provide the framework for decision-making. However, it can be assured that changes and modifications may be made to ensure the Town Center Plan remains responsive to opportunities that may arise from the rapidly changing and dynamic environment of the Valley. Any changes or modifications are intended to continue to implement the community’s vision.