Transportation Impact Fee Study

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Transportation Impact Fee Study

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Due to the need for new and improved roadways, the Town conducted a Transportation Impact Fee Study to identify funding for the new roadways and projects listed in the unanimously approved Queen Creek Transportation Master Plan. The 10-year plan totals $195 million for 41 projects and builds 91 new lane miles.

The study analyzes the Town’s transportation impact fee, a one-time fee assessed to new development (residential and commercial) to pay for necessary public services needed to accommodate growth. The preliminary findings of the study indicate that in order to build the $195 million roadway plan, the fee charged to new growth may possibly need to increase.

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Changing the transportation impact fee requires a series of public hearings held over several months.

The study identifies $195 million of costs for roadway projects divided between non-growth (existing residents and visitors) and growth (new residents and developments). The growth portion is funded through transportation impact fees, construction sales tax and other governmental entity contributions.

June 13 - Public Meeting: 6 p.m. at Town Hall, 22350 S. Ellsworth Road

A public meeting to discuss the Town’s transportation impact fee and funding options for the roadway improvement projects identified in the Infrastructure Improvement Plan (IIP). Learn more at

July 19 - First Public Hearing

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