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Firefighter Recruitment

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Fire Academy


Queen Creek Fire and Medical and Gilbert Fire & Rescue are looking for men and women committed to service, professionalism, and integrity.

This spring the Queen Creek Fire and Medical Department and Gilbert Fire & Rescue Department will be conducting a joint application for the written test for firefighter.  This joint application will only be for the written test phase of the recruitment.

This joint application process for the joint written test will produce a list of eligible applicants, each department will then draw from that list for an interview process.

Candidates must complete the written test co-sponsored by Gilbert Fire and Rescue and Queen Creek Fire and Medical to be administered in April 2018.  Candidates must pass and have a valid CPAT at the time of the interview with Queen Creek.  Candidates must have a valid AZ State Certified Emergency Medical Care Technician-Basic (EMCT-B) or Paramedic at time of interview with Queen Creek.  Applicant must have a high school diploma or GED in order to apply with Queen Creek.

The Queen Creek Fire and Medical Department Ride-A-Long program will be temporarily suspended for those who are participating in the fire recruitment beginning March 19, 2018.  This program will start up again once the recruitment is complete.  

Check back to this page frequently as more information will be provided and updated. For questions about the recruitment, please call (480) 358-3395.

 Recruitment timeline:

March 2018: A job application can be submitted starting on March 19 at 6:00 pm using Town of Gilbert website; only job applications submitted during this period will be accepted.  Deadline for applications is March 22, 2018 at 11:59 pm or when a total of 960 applications have been received.  Applicants must declare whether they are testing for Gilbert, Queen Creek or both at time of application.  A "cap" has been set at 960 applications to be accepted for the written test.  This phase has been completed.

April 11-13:  Written test sponsored jointly between the Town of Gilbert and the Town of Queen Creek. There will be eight time slots available for the written test.  Those who are eligible to take the written test will be notified after the application process through the Town of Gilbert has closed.  This phase has been completed.  IMPORTANT NOTE: Queen Creek has not determined a "cut-off" score for the written test at this time and it will take some time to determine what factors need to be considered as we prepare for the next phase of the recruitment.  Please be patient as we will post updated information relating to this at the time it becomes available.  WRITTEN TEST RESULTS ARE NOW AVAILABLE ON THE GILBERT FIRE AND RESCUE WEBSITE AT  You will need your Written Exam ID Number.

June 2018:  First interview to take place the first part of June 2018.  Notifications to those candidates who are invited to participate in the first interview was sent out on May 16, 2018.  Along with the notification candidates were given instructions on how to self-schedule for an interview date and time.  Details regarding the second interview will be posted after first interviews are completed.  As a reminder; if you are invited to an interview you must provide validation of CPAT through an IAFF/IAFC licensee within the past year (May 2017 to present) and you must also provide proof of valid Arizona EMCT-B or Arizona paramedic certification.  You will not be able to interview unless both are valid and you provide proof at time of interview.  Note: This is different than what was required to take the written test.  No CPAT validation was required and you did not have to provide the ARIZONA EMCT-B or PARAMEDIC at that time.  You will at the time of the interview with Queen Creek.


First Round Interviews are underway and will be completed by June 12, 2018.  Only those selected for an interview were notified via email to self-schedule their date and time for an interview.  If you did not receive any notification to self-schedule an interview through the Queen Creek Human Resources Department then unfortunately you were not be moved forward in the recruitment process.  Those candidates who participated in the First Round Interviews and who are successful in getting an invitation to participate in Second Round Interviews will receive similar notification to self-schedule.  It is anticipated that the Second Round Interviews will take place the last week of June.  No notification to self-schedule for Second Round Interviews will be sent out until the First Round Interviews are complete.  It is anticipated that invitations for Second Round Interviews will be sent out by June 18, 2018.  No proof of CPAT, EMCT-B or EMCT-P will be required at the Second Round Interview.  Only a valid ID will be required.  First Round Interviews are complete.  

Second Round Interviews will be completed on June 26, 2018.  Those candidates who are selected to participate in the voluntary Intern Academy will be notified by the Town of Queen Creek.  No date has been established for these notifications to be made but it is anticipated that notifications will be made the first or second week of July.

July/August 2018: Volunteer Intern Academy to be held.  Orientation meeting will be held on July 18, 2018 from 5:00-9:00 pm, location to be determined.  Intern Academy will be held on July 21, 28 and August 4,11 at the City of Mesa Training Academy from 6:00 am until 3:00 pm each day. This step is considered voluntary but is a part of the hiring process, evaluation criteria and scores will determine who will receive an invitation to attend the Fire Recruit Academy as a full-time employee.

August 2018 (Anticipated):  Conditional job offers made.   

First or Second week of October 2018 (Anticipated):  Fire Recruit Academy Class 2018-2 begins and runs for fifteen weeks.  

Early 2019:  Fire Station 414 opens.  


Frequently Asked Questions:

1.  Can I turn in my application now for the firefighter position?

No, you need to wait until the official posting is released with the Town of Gilbert and this is scheduled to begin on March 19, 2018. No applications will be accepted prior to the official job posting being released.

2.  Do I need to have my CPAT at the time I interview with the Town of Queen Creek?  (ONLY FOR FIRST ROUND INTERVIEW)  

Yes, you will be required to show proof of your valid CPAT from an IAFF/IAFC licensee when you arrive for the first interview.  The CPAT must be valid within the past year from the time of the interview.  A valid CPAT will include any successful completion of the CPAT from May 2017 to present.  You will not be allowed to interview without providing proper validation.

3.  Do I need to have a valid State of Arizona Emergency Medical Care Technician-Basic (EMCT-B) or Paramedic at the time I interview with the Town of Queen Creek?  (ONLY FOR FIRST ROUND INTERVIEW)

Yes, you will be required to show proof of your valid STATE OF ARIZONA EMCT-Basic or Paramedic certification when you arrive for the first interview.  Completion of the college course but awaiting official results from National Registry will not be accepted.  An EMT or paramedic certification from another state will not be accepted.  A National Registry certification will not be accepted.  Your certification must be from the State of Arizona.  You will not be able to interview without providing proper validation.    

4.  Do I need to have be Arizona State Certified Firefighter 1 and 2 when I turn in my application?

No, this is not a requirement at the time of application for Queen Creek.

5.  Where can I get my CPAT done?

Queen Creek Fire and Medical will only accept a valid, successful CPAT administered by an IAFF/IAFC licensee.

6.  Does QCFMD participate in the Public Safety Pension Retirement Systems (PSPRS)?


7.  What shift schedule is QCFMD on?

We are on 48/96 (48 hours on, 96 hours off).

8.  Do I need an Arizona drivers license?

Applicants need to be eligible to receive an Arizona drivers license around the time one becomes a full-time employee. You do not need to have one at time of application.

9.  Is there a cap on applications?

Yes there will be a cap of 960 applications between Queen Creek and Gilbert's joint process.