ATV/Off-Highway Vehicle Usage

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ATVOff-highway vehicle (OHV) use can be a safe, enjoyable, low-impact activity when users follow the laws, stay on open or designated roads and trails, and ride safely and responsibly. The opposite is true when ATV/OHV users lack respect for the environment, other recreationists, and overall safety. The following information outlines safe, legal, and common sense approaches to ATV/OHV activities to help promote responsible OHV use and protect your privilege to ride.

In an effort to educate and support ATV/OHV use in the state of Arizona, please refer to the attached materials/links for latest in OHV rules, regulations, and obligations necessary for safe, ethical, and responsible ATV/OHV use. Topics include:

  • Where to Ride
  • Current ATV/OHV Laws & Regulations
  • ATV/OHV Registration
  • Safety & Training
  • Operation of Vehicles on Public and Private Property (QC Town Code, Section 10-7-5)

Web Links:

Arizona Game and Fish - Off-Highway Vehicle

Arizona State Parks - Off-Highway Vehicle Program

Operation of Vehicles on Public and Private Property (QC Town Code, Section 10-7-5)

Downloadable material:

Residents are encouraged to report unlawful ATV/OHV use within the Town of Queen Creek.  For urgent or immediate response, please contact the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office:

  • Emergency Situations: 911
  • Non-emergency situations: 602-876-1011

Non-urgent situations may also be submitted through the Town’s “Report and Issue” system or iOS/Android app. Please be aware that these requests may take up to 24 hours for an initial response.

In all cases, Queen Creek residents are encouraged to keep a log of ATV/OHV incidents that have been reported and/or observed. This process will aid in identification, mitigation, and abatement efforts. You may download a macro-enabled fill-in form or a PDF version of the “ATV/OHV incident tracking log”.

You may submit these forms in the following manner:

  • By email:
  • Standard USPS or in-person:
    • Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office

      Attention Community Services
      22308 S. Ellsworth Rd.
      Queen Creek, AZ 85142

  • You may also use the Town’s “Report an Issue” system or iOS/Android app in lieu of the “ATV/OHV incident tracking log” (each incident should be added separately).