Park Rules and Regulations

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Town of Queen Creek Public Park Regulations

Park Rules

  1. Trash must be placed in proper receptacles.

  2. No glass containers allowed.

  3. No liquor allowed in parks, parking lots, retention basins or washes.

  4. Dogs must be on a leash at all times and must be cleaned up after.

  5. No golfing allowed.

  6. No advertising or solicitation of goods or services except by permit only.

  7. No internal combustion or electrified motor bicycles, stand-up scooters or vehicles allowed in parks, retention basins or washes except on designated roadways. 

  8. No vandalization or removal of park, retention basins or wash improvements, or natural resources.

  9. To reserve park space, contact the Town of Queen Creek Parks and Recreation Department at 480-358-3700.

Violators will be prosecuted. Maximum fine of $2,500 and/or imprisonment up to 6 months.


Town of Queen Creek Public Lake Regulations

  1. All Arizona Game and Fish Community Fishing Program rules and regulations must be followed, including licensing requirements and daily bag limits.

  2. The lake is open daily during regular park hours.

  3. All fishing must be done from the lake shore.

  4. Fish may only be taken by pole or line.

  5. Cleaning fish and discarding fish remains in a Town lake or within the confines of a Town park or facility is prohibited.

  6. Dispose of all fishing line, bait, and hooks in proper trash receptacles located around the lake and park.

  7. Do not feed any wildlife or leave any kind of food unattended in Town parks.

  8. Do not release domestic or wild animals into a Town lake.

  9. Do not harm or capture waterfowl or other wildlife.

  10. Do not throw or discard any object or substance into the lake.

  11. The following activities are prohibited at all times:

    1. Swimming, bathing, and wading,

    2. Voluntarily entering the water from the shoreline,

    3. Jumping or diving from any structures on or around the lake,

    4. Pet swimming,

    5. Operating or using any boat, raft, or other watercraft, including canoes and kayaks,

    6. Operating or using any raft, inner-tube, inflatable mattress, catamaran, sailboat, or any inflatable craft,

    7. Operating or using any remote controlled boat or watercraft. 

  12. The Recreation Superintendent, or designee, shall interpret these regulations and
    may act in any case not specifically covered herein.