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All classes are held at the Library Recreation Annex, 21802 S. Ellsworth Road. Registration for all classes is on a first-come, first-served basis and space is limited, so hurry and register for your favorite class!

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Arts & Hobbies

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Girl coloring

Jed Cossonay

Ceramics/Pottery/Polymer Art





Jed Cossonay is currently a studio potter, painter and teacher. He has many works displayed at the Grant Pass Museum of Art and Long Beach Art Museum. Jed received a BA from California State University in Painting and continued on to do graduate work at Southern Oregon University in ceramics. He is the owner of Mom & Babies Ceramics and teaches a variety of ceramics and polymer classes for the Town. 




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Kimberly Goldberg
Miri Weible


Miri Weible

My name is Miri Weible and my love for art began when I was very young and went to work with my Dad one Saturday morning.

My dad, Les Clark, was an animator and a director for Walt Disney. While in my dad's large office at the Walt Disney Studio in Burbank, CA., I would settle in under an old moviola as they were making Lady and The Tramp. Walt would come in and they would discuss Lady's plight in the cellar. I would draw on my tablet and it was then I knew I wanted to be an artist; I wanted to make my own drawings come to life!

Bio provided by Miri Weible


Snapology of Gilbert


At Snapology we believe that children are meant to learn through play. When children are engaged in interactive, hands-on learning activities, their creativity flourishes and they show an increased interest in school.  We help your child grow up with a thirst for knowledge. How do we do it? Snapology engages children ages 1-14 using LEGO® bricks, K’Nex and technology. While the kids are having fun with familiar toys, laptops and iPads, we sneak in the learning. Shh, don't tell them it's educational!

Snapology is the premier partner for STEAM programs, offering year-round programs in schools,  community facilities, homes and in our Discovery Center. Kids have so much fun in our programs that they don’t even realize they’re learning!

Dance, Tumbling, Cheer & Music

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ballet class

8* Count Dance


 8 Count Dance

Ms. Andrea Polyak, Owner and Teacher started dancing at 2 years old and at the age of 12, started helping in dance classes here & there at the studio she attended. When she was 17 years old, Andrea was asked to be an Assistant Teacher in a baby comb class for ages 3-5 years old. She learned so much about teaching little ones from the main teacher that year that it inspired her to be a teacher.

Andrea grew up dancing at Bridget McCarter Dance Academy in Gilbert. She competed at state & national levels with Tap, Jazz & Lyrical. She also performed all over the East Valley at community events. Andrea & her younger sister would spend about 15-20 hours a week at the studio dancing for the simple fact they loved dance! Andrea’s favorite type of dance is Tap, performing & teaching it!

Looking over the past 22 years of teaching dance, Andrea really didn’t think this would be her job! Yet, she really doesn’t like to call it a job more just making a positive influence in a young person’s life. Andrea also taught with the Town of Gilbert Park & Recreation in 2000 and you will find that most of the classes that are still running today are the ones that she & her sister started. From the Tiny/Mini tumbling, Fun & Fitness & Fairy Ballet! She spent about 4 years with town teaching before she had her boys. After that Andrea stayed home with her boys since they are close in age and still ran a small dance program at the Las Sendas Community in Mesa one day a week. This program has been on going for the past 18 years!  In addition to her love of dance, Andrea was a volunteer for Girl Scout for 16 years, where she was a busy, hard working Troop Leader, Neighborhood Cookie Manager, Council Cookie Cupboard, Product Advisory Board committee member and a Gold Award board member.
Andrea is married to her supportive husband, Keith and they have a busy family!  They moved to Queen Creek in 2004 from Chandler. They have a daughter, Adrianna, 20, a Junior at Grand Canyon University and is on their Dance Team. They also have two boys, Kyle, 16, a Junior at QCHS & Nathan, 15, a 9th grader at QCHS. Both boys are active with Football, Wrestling, Golf and help out in the studio. Of course, you can’t forget the furry family members Hank, who is CGC trained and Duke, who is a big ball of love and loves to eat socks!!! Andrea is adjusting to life with being out numbered at home with all boys, since Adrianna is away at college!!! 🙂

ACTIVStars Cheerleading



Learn about our passion for helping young people grow and thrive.

At ActivStars, our mission is developing life skills for active youth. We’ve been providing after-school recreation programs in sports like cheer, karate, soccer, and others for decades, across America.

We believe every child can improve and thrive when their mind, body and sense of community are developed. Our classes and our website are dedicated to supporting that growth.

Craig Coffman

Craig Coffman

Craig Coffman is an experienced piano and guitar instructor, professional pianist and music director.  He has over 20 years experience teaching piano privately. His piano and guitar seminars, offered through Community Colleges and Community Education Programs, have been attended by over 20,000 students throughout Arizona, Minnesota and the United States over the last 15 years.   He has a degree in Sociology from Illinois Wesleyan University in Illinois (where he also studied piano) and a Master of Divinity degree from Western Seminary in Portland, Oregon. 

Denise Trujillo
Erika Taulbee
Health & Fitness

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Adult Fitness

Christie Duffey



Christie has lived in Queen Creek since 2009. She is the mother of three teenage boys and a teenage daughter, all active in sports and the great outdoors. Christie is their #1 fan!  She works in a counseling office since 2012 and received her CNA certification from PIMA that same year. She is an avid volunteer, serving in her children's school, sporting events, and church. Christie began taking Zumba in 2011 and the magic took off! Zumba has been a big part of her routine ever since, as it is something that she feels challenges her and gives her the chance to meet new people. She loves "sweating away life's worries and stresses."  Christie also enjoys walking, cycling, camping, quading, going to the race track, photography, crafting, cooking/baking, singing, and spending time with her family.

Since Zumba has become such a big part of her life, she decided to certify as an instructor. She loves meeting new people and hopes to inspire others to love it as much as she does. Whether you can dance or have the "right" moves, it doesn't matter -- just as long as you're having fun and getting the best out of your workout. She is looking forward to meeting and teaching everyone she can about this great activity ... so come along and let's Zumba together!

Janet Nagurski
Katherin Hull

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Susy Jeanne Manning

Hannah Roberti


 Hannah Roberti


I'm Hannah Roberti, and I've been teaching music in the East Valley for 9 years. Singer, songwriter and instrumentalist, I've taught all age groups, including Band and Choir- music is my world! A Missouri native, I've lived in the Valley since 2007, and I'm so excited to be raising a family and living life in such friendly, active community.

Susy Jeanne Manning


Susy Jeanne Manning


I was born in Cleveland,OH, lived in western Washington state for 24 years, raised 6 kids, and a husband:) of 45 wonderful years.   I now reside in San Tan Valley, AZ,  retired from my dental hygiene career, and discovered my PASSION for the BEAT and the great Remo HealthRHYTHMS protocol!   

I love helping others to discover how they can reduce stress, relax, connect with their inner spirit, gain  self-confidence, empowerment, and laughter/tears... from drumming! To see the joy and smiles on the faces of people when they begin feeling their heart beat pulsing through the body...feeling "centered", and oh so much more. Won't you join me in this amazing are only a beat away from drumming up magic:).....

Bio provided by: Susy Jeanne Manning


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ABC/123 Preschool



My name is Jody Bell, I am a wife and mother of two children ages 17 and 24. I taught early childhood development classes for 14 years with the City of Chandler “Apple to Zebras Program” before moving to Queen Creek seven years ago. I have taught/directed the ABC/123 program for three years for the Town of Queen Creek Parks & Recreation Department. I have a bachelor’s degree in early childhood development. 

The ABC/123 program is designed to help each child excel in education, in a fun, loving, structured environment. The program is a year-round  program, and is designed to help prepare your child for an easy transition into kindergarten. Letters, numbers, colors, shapes, learning to write first and last names, songs, physical gym activities and storytelling are incorporated into the daily lesson plans.

I enjoy working with children and parents to further their education and help prepare them for their future. Working with the Town of Queen Recreation Services Department allows me to offer a quality affordable program to the residents of Queen Creek. I believe that if a child gets a good, positive experience in the early stages of their education, it will help them excel in everyday life.

To learn more about ABC/123, visit our website at

Bio provided by Jody Bell

Sports & Martial Arts

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Martial art group photo


Recreational Youth Karate

Classes to Grow Mind and Body for Kids & Teens

ActivStars has developed one of the most comprehensive youth karate programs in the U.S. Starting with highly trained instructors, our programs are designed to keep kids safe with a system purposefully created for children and teens. We incorporate leading self-defense techniques together with lessons in safety awareness, abduction prevention and anti-bullying.

Our instructors are highly trained in these and other areas so that your star is learning ways to stay safe throughout their life.

Creating the Black Belt Mindset

ActivStars offers youth karate and martial arts programs designed to teach your child respect for themselves and the world and community where they live. Our classes are designed to build confidence and safety skills while encouraging a respect for others. As your child moves through the martial arts classes and ranks, they’ll learn how to encourage and protect others as well as the importance of healthy competition.

We take pride in helping our students develop life skills through karate. Join our karate family today and see how being part of an encouraging martial arts program can help your child grow and succeed.

Amazing Athletes


 Lee and Diana Amazing Athletes


Lee and Diana Collins, originally from Southern CA, moved here to AZ in 2006. They have been married for 16 years and are the proud parents of three children: 15 & 13 year old sons, and a 7 year old daughter. Spending time as a family means everything to them. Life is busy with 3 children’s schedules, so the Collins Family is always on the go … when they aren’t taking the boys to their soccer practices & games, they can be found at their daughter’s dance or gymnastics class. But promoting and living an active and healthy lifestyle is a priority! Coach Lee and Coach Diana “practice what they preach”. In November of 2014, Lee competed in the Ironman Triathlon here in Tempe, AZ! He is very proud to now be an official “Ironman”. Diana has been a runner most of her life, but ran her 1st full marathon in February 2015. 26.2 miles may seem like a long distance, but Diana loves to run! They have been Amazing Athletes owners for 6 years now, and make a great team! Lee comes from a business background with years of playing sports and coaching their boys’ teams. Diana has a BS in Child Development and Special Education Training, with five years of preschool teaching, as well as years of experience playing sports and assisting with their boys’ teams. Together, Lee & Diana are so proud to be providing their Amazing Athletes program to children all over the valley. They are passionate about having the opportunity to impact young children’s lives and help them learn, develop, and enjoy physical activity.

Bio provided by Lee and Diana Collins

David Rivas

Self Defense - Hapkido 

David Rivas Photo

Master Rivas has over 35 years of Martial Arts experience. 
~ “Hanminjok Hapkido Association / The World Ki-Do Federation” certified.
~ President - Defensive Tactics & Consulting Enterprises, Inc.
~ Founder/Director ICHF “Ground Survival” Program.
~ Authored the Budo Intl. / DSI production DVD series Combat Hapkido "Ground Survival" (2012)
~ Founder/Director DSI “Mixed Martial Arts” Program.
~ Faculty Instructor “International Police Defensive Tactics Institute”.
~ Faculty Instructor “Military Combatives Association”.
~ Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do & Member of the 1998 Air Force Tae Kwon Do Team.
~ Extensive training in Karate, Judo, Aikido, Boxing, Russian Sambo, & Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.
2001 - WHOFSC Hall of Fame: “Instructor of the Year”.
~ 2005 - “Budo International” Magazine Hall of Fame: “Outstanding Achievement in the Martial Arts”
~ 2007 - “Action Martial Arts” Magazine Hall of Fame: “Outstanding Achievement in the Martial Arts”
2007 - “Artes Marciales en Accion” Magazine Hall of Fame: “International Master Instructor”
2007 - “International Martial Arts/Budo” Magazine Hall of Fame: “Gold Life Achievement”
~ 2010 - “World Karate Union” Hall of Fame “Lifetime Achievement”
~ Featured in the November 2001 issue of the official Air Force Magazine “Airman”.
~ Featured in GM Pellegrini’s cover articles of Budo International Magazine (12/2004 & 09/2009)and Black Belt Magazine (01/2009).
~ Featured with GM Pellegrini in Budo Magazine DVD productions: “Combat Hapkido” (2004)& “Combat Hapkido - Street Self Defense” (2009)
~ Featured in the Budo Magazine DVD production “Combat Hapkido Ground Survival” (2010)
~ Featured chapter on Ground Survival in the book “Combat Hapkido - Intelligent Self Defense”
~ Former Defensive Tactics Instructor for “HSEC Caribe” Corporation.
~ Honorably retired after 20-years of active duty as a Technical Sergeant in the US Air Force with numerous achievements and commendation medals.

Contact David Rivas,

Henry Jenkins

Henry Jenkins, 4th Degree Master Black Belt

World Taekwondo Federation


Henry Jenkins Picture

Master Jenkins began martial arts training in the 1970’s at Shotokan Karate in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, which is also his birthplace. In 1973, he moved to Bloomington Indiana to pursue a Master of Business Administration degree, and it was here he met Taekwondo, under Master Mu Gil Lee. After graduation in 1975, he moved to Kalamazoo, Michigan, where he trained under Master Park. Master Jenkins moved to Los Angeles, CA and joined the International Taekwondo College,under grandmaster In-kon Park, 8th degree. In 1977, Master Jenkins moved to Arizona where he finally earned his 1st black belt degree in 2003. Master Jenkins and family arrived in Queen Creek in 2005. He joined and trained at the Taekwondo College in Chandler, Arizona under Grandmaster (GM) Nak Sung until 2014, at which time he joined NB Taekwondo as instructor located also in Chandler. Master Jenkins has competed in forms and sparring and has won local, and national championships in the senior category. Since 2013, Master Jenkins has also taught Taekwondo at NB Chandler, Mixed Martial Arts & Fitness Center. Queen Creek students are invited to visit and train when student space permits. Master Jenkins also teaches computer accounting with Quickbooks at the QC recreation annex.
Queen Creek Taekwondo is a member of USA Taekwondo Association (USAT) , Colorado Springs, Colorado.
Master Jenkins is a Vietnam era veteran, Certified Management Accountant, and married to
Joan Jenkins 44 years.


More information about Henry can be found here

Lim Karate

George & Patrice Lim-Lim Karate


Senior GM Sōke George Lim
10th degree Hawaii Kenpo
9th degree Kajukenbo

Born in Yokohama, Japan and trained in Hawaii, Sōke George Lim has been exposed to the best. With over 40 years of martial arts experience, he represents the teachings, training and techniques of Professor Marino Tiwanak and Grandmaster Allen Abad.

Grandmaster Lim has traveled and taught nationally, as well as internationally & is able to fuse the traditional and contemporary in a way that defies your wildest expectations. The tide goes in and out everyday but some things happen once in a lifetime. Don’t miss an unique opportunity to learn from such an inspirational teacher!


Grandmaster Hanshi Patrice Lim
9th degree Hawaii Kenpo
8th degree Kajukenbo


Grandmaster Hanshi Patrice began her training in Hawaii Kenpo in 1983 under Sōke George Lim. Promoted to black belt in 1991 by ‘Chief’ Al Tejero, CHA-3 Kenpo Karate Brotherhood Club of Hawaii, San Diego Chapter & GM Julian Generalao.

Promoted to black belt in 1993 by Sōke George Lim. Senior rank promotions 5th-7th came directly from Sijo Adriano Emperado & GM Xizu Allen Abad. 8th Degree Professor promotion came from Sōke George Lim in 2008. Presently continues her training under Sōke George Lim.

Training under Dai Shihan ‘Uncle’ Ted Tabura in Kobudo Katana weaponry. Practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine healing arts under Great Grandmaster Vince Black. Advisement & consultation by Olohe ‘Papa Sol’ Kaihewalu.

After falling in love with the most beautiful islands, people and culture on earth, Patrice Lim’s goal is to enrich other people with the same love of Hawaiian culture. I can never repay my teacher, Sōke George Lim for the truly precious gifts he has given me. "I pay it forward. Learning Hawaii Kenpo is parallel to knowing him well and finding that rare treasure we all search for in life."



We are Sportball! 

Sportball has been teaching Children the fundamentals skills behind sports since 1995. First across North America, and now, Internationally our star program Multi-Sport has put thousands of Children on the path to healthy, active living and a life-long love of sport.

What started with just 3 children and a single location has now grown to 900+ locations across Canada the United States and Singapore. We were one of the first companies to offer developmentally appropriate, non-competitive sports training to Children 12 and under. Today Sportball partners with schools to supplement or enhance existing phys ed programs and with leading research institutions to improve and further develop our curriculum.

At Sportball, we always value positive learning outcomes over winning.

Wayne Pirmann (Mighty Kicks Soccer)

Wayne Pirmann (Mighty Kicks Soccer)


Coach Wayne Pirmann is committed to having an impact on the youth in Arizona by developing the youngest players to understand and LOVE soccer!   With 45 years of introducing kids in Michigan to “Pirmann’s Moves to be Mastered” and solid technical training for all age groups, Coach Wayne and Mighty Kicks East Valley combine to bring the highest level of technique training along with a passion for the game that is sure to keep kids in the game, not drive them away.  With the assistance of the proven Mighty Kicks Programs and Curriculum, Wayne and his staff will help your children develop physically, mentally and socially through the game of soccer.

Licenses and Credentials: Although having top credentials is not a requirement to be a great coach for our youngest players, having been through the licensing programs – and actually implementing and TEACHING them in the state of Michigan – has helped develop Wayne into the top coach for children that he is:

  • USSF “A” License, the nation’s top Coaching Credential

  • NSCAA Premier Diploma – the NSCAA’s top Credential and difficult to earn

  • USSF National Youth License, with an emphasis on age-appropriate coaching

  • NSCAA Director of Coaching Diploma

Coaching Experiences: U6 through U18, boys and girls, Select, ODP, and recreational; University Mens and Womens programs; Professional and NPSL (top Men’s Amateur).   Currently “Special Guest Coach” for MSU Soccer Camps every July.

Advisory Staff: In addition to fellow franchise owners all around the country, who help each other weekly with educational forums and teachings, Wayne has his own advisory board that include his own adult children who have the following credentials (cumulatively): MBA, Masters in Early Childhood Education, Masters in Kinesiology, two adult children with USSF “B” Licenses, one adult child currently coaching NCAA Division I Soccer.

Workshops & Specialty

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Barbara Kenney

Babysitters Training with CPR/AED

 Barbara Kenney

Barb has been an instructor for over 20 years. Her teaching experience has given her the tools to generate enthusiasm and excitement in the courses she conducts. In 2012 Barb was selected to be an advisor for the new CABS(Children and Babysitting Safety) Program.  Barb has been a volunteer and Instructor Trainer for the American Red Cross, and a Training Center Instructor Trainer for the American Safety and Health Institute with authorization for Lay Responder First Aid and CPR/AED, CPR/AED for the Professional Rescuer, Babysitters Training, Pet First Aid, Wilderness First Aid and Blood borne Pathogens Training.  Barb is a college graduate with a degree in Cardiac Rehabilitation.  She is also a certified Group Exercise Instructor and Zumba Fitness Instructor in Phoenix, AZ. Visit for more info if needed.

Barbara Kenney
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Mark LaClair
Shanda Chambers