David Rivas

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Self Defense - Hapkido

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Instructor Bio

Master Rivas has over 35 years of Martial Arts experience. 
~ “Hanminjok Hapkido Association / The World Ki-Do Federation” certified.
~ President - Defensive Tactics & Consulting Enterprises, Inc.
~ Founder/Director ICHF “Ground Survival” Program.
~ Authored the Budo Intl. / DSI production DVD series Combat Hapkido "Ground Survival" (2012)
~ Founder/Director DSI “Mixed Martial Arts” Program.
~ Faculty Instructor “International Police Defensive Tactics Institute”.
~ Faculty Instructor “Military Combatives Association”.
~ Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do & Member of the 1998 Air Force Tae Kwon Do Team.
~ Extensive training in Karate, Judo, Aikido, Boxing, Russian Sambo, & Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.
2001 - WHOFSC Hall of Fame: “Instructor of the Year”.
~ 2005 - “Budo International” Magazine Hall of Fame: “Outstanding Achievement in the Martial Arts”
~ 2007 - “Action Martial Arts” Magazine Hall of Fame: “Outstanding Achievement in the Martial Arts”
2007 - “Artes Marciales en Accion” Magazine Hall of Fame: “International Master Instructor”
2007 - “International Martial Arts/Budo” Magazine Hall of Fame: “Gold Life Achievement”
~ 2010 - “World Karate Union” Hall of Fame “Lifetime Achievement”
~ Featured in the November 2001 issue of the official Air Force Magazine “Airman”.
~ Featured in GM Pellegrini’s cover articles of Budo International Magazine (12/2004 & 09/2009)and Black Belt Magazine (01/2009).
~ Featured with GM Pellegrini in Budo Magazine DVD productions: “Combat Hapkido” (2004)& “Combat Hapkido - Street Self Defense” (2009)
~ Featured in the Budo Magazine DVD production “Combat Hapkido Ground Survival” (2010)
~ Featured chapter on Ground Survival in the book “Combat Hapkido - Intelligent Self Defense”
~ Former Defensive Tactics Instructor for “HSEC Caribe” Corporation.
~ Honorably retired after 20-years of active duty as a Technical Sergeant in the US Air Force with numerous achievements and commendation medals.

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