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Queen Creek enjoys an extremely high quality of life with a very low crime rate. In 2004, an independent study completed by nationally renowned public safety consultant Carroll Buracker and Associates was commissioned by the Town Council with the intent of studying the needs for police services for the community at various population thresholds. Additionally the study analyzed the Town’s existing services provided through the contract we have with the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO). Notably, the Buracker study reported that of all the hundreds of communities they have studied Queen Creek’s crime rate was among the lowest ever.

2015 crime comparison

2014 crime comparison



While that information is quite comforting, in our efforts to maintain transparency in government to the community, we are providing full access to the monthly reports prepared by MCSO for the Town Manager. The reports list incidents that have occurred within the community over the last 30 days, are provided in list form and are suitable for public information. Compared to other communities, by type and frequency of incidents, Queen Creek’s level of incidents is still extremely low. Additionally, residents can visit RAIDS Online, a free service offered by MCSO and the Town, that connects law enforcement with the community through crime mapping and crime alerts.

For further information about law enforcement in Queen Creek, please contact Joe LaFortune, Emergency Management Coordinator, at 480-358-3502.

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