Ellsworth and Queen Creek Road Intersection

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Ellsworth QC Phase 2 


Work began in late February and scheduled for completion November 2018.


This project has been separated into two phases to accommodate the completion of construction during the school's summer break. Phase 1 construction is complete and consisted of improvements to Old Ellsworth Road from just north of the UPRR tracks to just south of Queen Creek Road. Improvements included street, drainage, sidewalk, landscape, street light and waterline improvements for construction of a cul-de-sac turnaround near the school/museum and realigning Walnut Road (Ellsworth Loop north connector) to provide for safer travel movements in the area. Phase 2 is currently under construction with the image below depicting the intersection configuration upon completion.

QC/Ellsworth Intersection

Phase 2 consists of the following improvements on Ellsworth Road from Walnut Road to Ryan Road and 1/8 mile east on Queen Creek Road:

  • Realignment and softening of the Ellsworth Loop/Ellsworth Road curve at the Queen Creek Road intersection to improve traffic flow and movement
  • Street improvements to widen Ellsworth Road to three lanes in each direction from Walnut to Ryan
  • Drainage, irrigation and waterline improvements
  • Sidewalk and landscape improvements
  • Traffic signal improvements  


The construction has been broken into phases, as follows, with a tentative timeline for each. Initial work is currently taking place off the roadway to work on traffic signals and placing temporary pavement on the shoulder to accommodate the traffic through the intersection during construction.

  • Phase 1/2 (Feb-Jun) – Underground of SRP electric, temporary asphalt on shoulders and traffic signal improvements
  • Phase 3 (Jun-Jul) – Construct the northeast corner of the intersection
  • Phase 4 (Jul-Aug) – Construct the southeast section of the intersection
  • Phase 5 (Aug-Oct) – Construct the west side of Ellsworth Road in the project area
  • Phase 6 (Oct) – Work in the center of Ellsworth (half and half through the intersection) to install median islands
  • Phase 7 (Nov) – Final paving and striping of the intersection

Please see the phasing graphics below for each of the phases which indicate where the construction zone will be and where travel will be shifted.  During construction, the contractor has phased traffic to maintain two lanes of travel in each direction on Ellsworth Road; however, in work efforts that require further restrictions, those will be scheduled during daytime off-peak hours to accommodate traffic on Ellsworth Road.    

In partnership with private development, work will concurrently be taking place on Ellsworth Road north of Queen Creek Road by private development to complete improvements to Ellsworth Road, ultimately providing three travel lanes in each direction with a center lane. 

Roads will remain open for travel during construction with speed limits reduced and traffic shifts in place shifting traffic away from the construction activity to maintain a safe work zone.

Ells QC - PH 1-2   Ells QC - PH 3-4

Ells QC - PH 5-6a   Ells Qc - PH 6b-7


Phase 2 construction has begun, with initial work taking place off the roadway to work on traffic signals and placing temporary pavement on the shoulder to accommodate the traffic through the intersection during construction. 

Construction is estimated to be complete November 2018.   

QC-Construction-Logo-Horiz-FINALFor more details about this project, please contact our project hotline at 480.898.4090.

For more information about our Capital Improvement Program, contact Troy White, Public Works Director at 480-358-3746 or troy.white@queencreek.org.

To submit questions or comments about this project visit our Capital Improvement Project Feedback Page.