Burn Permit

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 How do I request a burn permit?

*No Burn Days will supersede any permit that has been approved. Restrictions last for a 24-hour period starting at midnight, the day the High-Pollution Advisory is issued. Visit the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality's Forecast page prior to utilizing your permit. 



Do I need a permit to burn at my residence?

Certain burning activities do not require a permit. Open outdoor fire activities that do not require a permit include:       

  • Cooking for immediate human consumption
  • Warmth for human beings
  • Recreational purposes (small fire pit or container)
  • Branding animals
  • Orchard heaters
  • Wood burning chimneys
  • Outdoor fire pits

To check the current Air Quality Status and Fire Restrictions, visit Maricopa County's CleanAirMakeMore.com. 

When is a burn permit required, and what activities are allowed with a permit?

  • Open fires for destruction of tumble weeds for the prevention of fire hazards where other reasonable methods are not available.
  • Open fires for the burning of certain material, including citrus trees and vegetation, but only for agricultural operations.
  • Ditchbank and fence row when farmers can’t use other mechanical methods.
  • Tumbleweeds, to ensure tumbleweed seeds are destroyed.
  • Land clearance, used to clear land for farming.
  • Bonfires

How do I obtain a burn permit or file a complaint about illegal burning and/or dust violations? 

If you live in Maricopa County, contact Maricopa County Air Quality at 602-506-6400.
If you live in Pinal County, contact Pinal County Air Quality  at 520-866-6133.