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Maintenance Information

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The Public Works Department conducts annual preventive and rehabilitative pavement maintenance on portions of all Town-owned streets to create a safe driving network, control the pavement’s lifespan and minimize future pavement replacement costs.

After a new pavement is constructed, a combination of heat, traffic, water infiltration and sunlight contribute to roadway deterioration. By practicing preventive maintenance, essentially applying the right treatment at the right time, the rate of deterioration can be significantly slowed. All sealing and repaving is done by a contractor working for the Town; a Town inspector monitors the contractor’s work.

fog seal - prior to treatmentAsphalt Emulsion Fog Seal

Asphalt is exposed to the elements all day, every day, all year long. The effects of rain, scorching heat, wear and road treatments like salt, can cause cracking and fading that can make driveways, walkways and roads unsafe and unsightly. Asphalt fog seal prevents problems before they start.

Fog SealFog seal is a light application of asphalt, usually emulsion, applied to retain aggregate. It's sometimes used over an asphalt concrete surface or a new seal coat, particularly if a porous aggregate has been used as the cover aggregate. Fog seal is used on an asphalt concrete surface that is exhibiting raveling. In some cases, a fog seal is applied to a seal coat that is exhibiting aggregate shelling.

Traffic should not drive or park on a fog seal road until it has adequately cured.

For questions or concerns, contact Janet Martin at 480-358-3821 or submit a service request.