Exemption from Solid & Bulk Waste Services

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Residents who live on large lots can apply for an exemption from the solid waste and bulk collection portions of the Town service, using this form, if they meet both of the following:

1. Live on a lot on which large livestock* are kept legally in conformance with the Town Zoning Ordinance
OR a lot of two acres or more in size, and;
2. Demonstrate that they have alternative service for disposal of solid waste that complies with all Town,
county, state and federal rules.
*Cattle, oxen, horses, mules, donkeys, alpaca, llama or similar animals.


Residents who obtain an exemption will receive recycling services only, at the rate of $6.75 per month. Residents may apply for large lot exemptions in person or use the form below. Please direct any questions or concerns to trash.recycling@queencreek.org or 480-358-3450.

Date of Application
Account Number (located on your water bill)
Phone Number
E-mail Address
Proof of Alternate Disposal Service Attachment (i.e. contract, letter from current provider, etc.)
Resident Signature (your full name qualifies as an electronic signature)
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