Trash and recycling services will be impacted by the holidays for residents in Zone 2 and 3:

  • Residents in Zone 2 will be delayed until Thursday, Dec. 26 and Thursday, Jan. 2

  • Residents in Zone 3 will be delayed until Friday, Dec. 27 and Friday, Jan. 3

  • Bulk Trash- Residents in Zone 1 will be delayed until Thursday, Jan. 2

Residents will need to have their carts out by 6 a.m. on their scheduled day for service. As a reminder, bulk trash services can be scheduled online at

Sewer Rates and Fees

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On June 5th 2019, the Queen Creek Town Council approved a wastewater rate reduction. This reduction lowered the “flow factor” used to calculate sewer charges for the Town’s wastewater customers. Because wastewater usage is not metered, usage charges were based on 90% of a user’s average winter water use during the months of December, January, and February. This 90% flow factor is being reduced to 70% to better reflect the portion of water flowing into the Town’s sewer system. Additionally, consistent with these changes, the monthly rate for new sewer customers has been reduced from $43.46 to $36.90.  These changes will become effective on the July 2019 billing cycle.

While the Town implements this rate reduction, recalculation of user’s average winter water use and requested sewer rate adjustments have been postponed until July’s billing cycle. 

Also, please note, 2019’s sewer averaging and adjustment schedule will be utilized moving forward. Therefore, new sewer averages and applicable sewer rate adjustments will become effective annually in July

Sewer Rates Calculated During Winter Months:

If you are a residential customer or a commercial business with landscape watering connected to the same meter as the building and you are connected to Town of Queen Creek's sewer system or live in the subdivisions of Queen Creek Ranchettes I or II, Terra Ranch or the area known as Town Center and receive a billing for sewer charges on your water bill, your rate for the sewer fee is recalculated each year. Fees are based on 70 percent (for single-family residence) of the average water consumption billed during three (3) 28 to 35 day billing cycles during the winter months. This could include water consumption in all or portions of November, December, January and February depending on when your water meter is read.  

Residential sewer rates are currently calculated as follows:

(Average use less 30%) x ($4.82) plus the Base Fee of $10.25 = Monthly Sewer Charge*

If you are a new customer, your monthly sewer rate will be $36.90* until we are able to establish your average water usage during the three winter billing cycles.

You can lower your sewer bill by conserving water during the time frame that your usage is averaged. One of the most effective ways to conserve water during the wintertime is to adjust your outside watering schedule for lawns and landscaping. Keep in mind that winter watering requires far less water than summer. Also, if you are planning to fill a swimming pool, we recommend doing so outside of the Sewer Averaging Period in order to minimize the potential impact on your sewer rate calculations for the following year.

You may qualify for a sewer rate adjustment if you fill a swimming pool or experience a significant water leak during the Sewer Averaging Period. If you wish to submit a sewer fee adjustment form, we recommend doing by June 1 to ensure the adjustment, if approved, can be processed and applied to your bill in July. Adjustment requests can be submitted at any point after June 1, however, such adjustments will only affect future bills; historical billing cycles will not be adjusted. Finally, please note that all sewer adjustments remain in effect until June's billing cycle regardless of when the adjustment form was submitted. If you have questions about the new sewer rate schedule or your current or projected billing amount, please contact 480-358-3450.