Sewer Rates and Fees

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The Queen Creek Town Council is currently evaluating wastewater (sewer) rates to identify any opportunities for rate reductions. At the March 20 Town Council meeting, staff presented options to reduce wastewater rates by 10%.

While the Town evaluates which method to use to reduce rates, the rate adjustments and recalculation of winter averages will be postponed until the July bill.

Sewer Rates Calculated During Winter Months:

If you are a residential customer or a commercial business with landscape watering connected to the same meter as the building and you are connected to Town of Queen Creek's sewer system or live in the subdivisions of Queen Creek Ranchettes I or II, Terra Ranch or the area known as Town Center and receive a billing for sewer charges on your water bill, your rate for the sewer fee is re-calculated each year. Fees are based on 90 percent (for single-family residence) of the water consumption billed during three (3) 28 to 35 day billing cycles during the winter months. This could include water consumption in all or portions of November, December, January and February depending on when your water meter is read.  

Residential sewer rates are currently calculated as follows:

(Average use less 10%) x ($4.82) plus the Base Fee of $10.25 = Monthly Sewer Charge*

If you are a new customer, your sewer rate will be $43.46* until we are able to establish your water usage in the three billing cycles of the winter months.

You can lower your sewer bill by conserving water during the time frame that your charges are averaged. One of the most effective ways to conserve water during the wintertime is to adjust your outside watering schedule for lawns and landscaping. Keep in mind that winter watering requires far less water than summer.

You may qualify for a sewer rate adjustment if you plant winter grass, plant a winter garden, fill a swimming pool or have a water leak during the Sewer Averaging Period. To qualify for a sewer rate adjustment all requests must be submitted no later than July 1 or within 90 days after you receive your new sewer charge. If you have questions about your current or projected billing amount or to request a sewer fee adjustment form, contact 480-358-3450 - while the Town evaluates methods to reduce rates, the rate adjustments and recalculation of winter averages will be postponed until the July bill.