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There are lots of ways YOU can help take care of our community and the environment.  This page has tips for keeping the desert beautiful by disposing of trash and recycling the right way, and conserving our most precious resource, water.  There are also links to fun games, activities, and inspiring stories of youth-led conservation projects.


Preserve the QC: An Interactive Junior High Presentation


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 Preserve the QC is an engaging environmental education presentation designed for junior high students, focusing on solid waste, recycling, air quality and water conservation.  The presentation is facilitated in schools located within the Town of Queen Creek.  The content is designed to create a sense of place by highlighting the past, present and future of the Town and inviting students to contemplate how they fit into the bigger picture of their community.

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Hands-on activities keep students engaged during the learning process.  The students are broken into groups to collaboratively decide what is recyclable and what items have other diversion options.    During the presentation some students participate while others witness a kinesthetic activity related to air quality, where they can gain an understanding of how impactful air pollution truly is.  Finally, students have a chance to work in small groups to brainstorm sustainable choices within each room of a typical house.

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The presenters use a high-energy presentation style, with humor and engaging visual aids.  Our teacher evaluations reveal that the program is extremely well received and beneficial to improving student’s knowledge of conservation concepts.  It is evident when you observe students participating in Preserve the QC that the presentation provokes meaningful learning while allowing room for fun.  The pre and post activities that teachers receive provide further opportunity for students to understand these important concepts.

Waste Diversion                   Close the Loop

Preserve the QC won an Excellence in Recycling Award from the Arizona Recycling Coalition in 2015.  During the first two years of implementing this program we have been able to reach nearly 3,000 students.  For more information, please contact Amber Gough, Marketing & Communications Coordinator at



 It all Starts With You

Visit Water Use It Wisely for more water saving tips, interactive games, water conservation events, and engaging lesson plan ideas. 

Keep America Beautiful


Waste In Place has fun games and activities to help you learn about litter prevention, beautification, community greening and recycling. 



Preserve Youth Hero Spotlight

 Fox Pic Ashleigh Scully


Check out some beautiful pictures taken by 13-year old wildlife photographer, Ashleigh Scully, based in New Jersey.  She has been capturing nature images around the U.S. since she was eight years old.  Following her passion for photography has brought Ashleigh international recognition and awards!  You are never too young to make a difference in your community. Ashleigh in the news.



Kids can help reduce the use by following these 5 easy tips!

  1. Run diswasher only when full
  2. Turn off water while brushing your teeth
  3. Take a 5-minute shower instead of a bath
  4. Drink water from a reusable bottle
  5. Use a hoze nozzle while washing the car

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