Trash and recycling services will NOT be impacted by the holiday. Residents in Zone 1 need to have their carts out by 6 a.m. on Monday, May 27 for service. As a reminder, residents are encouraged to schedule bulk trash services online at

The Town of Queen Creek is committed to creating a sustainable future for its current and future residents.

We partner with the Environmental Education Exchange and Abracadabra Productions to offer innovative, educational outreach to Queen Creek educators.


K-4th GradeAbracadabra Water Conservation Magic Shows are a visually-engaging presentation, designed for K-4, and groups of 50 - 200 students. 


3rd-4th Grade finalQueen Creek's Too Good to Throw Away! is a recycling education program designed for 3rd-4th grade students to learn about and practice the 3Rs: reduce, reuse, and recycle – and have FUN in the process. 


4th-5th GradeQueen Creek’s Our Water, Our Future is a water education program designed for 4th-5th grade students, addressing the water cycle, Queen Creek's water supply, water as a limited resource, water use, water recycling, and water conservation.


5th-8th GradeBlue Cart Smart is a three-part recycling education program designed for 5th-8th grade students addressing the Do More Blue recycling program, the 3Rs and waste diversion. 


For information on Too Good to Throw Away!Blue Cart Smart or Our Water, Our Future, please contact Adam Kingery at  or 520.670.1442. For more information on Abracadabra Water Conservation Magic Shows, please contact Kathy Whalen at or 623.266.1157.

For information on volunteer opportunities, events or additional outreach, please contact Amber Gough at or 480.358.3194.

For additional teacher resources on these programs, please visit the Environmental Education Exchange website