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To request copies of the following brochures or for additional informational literature to assist you in your efforts to conserve water, contact the Town's water conservation office at 480-358-3455, e-mail or submit a service request

 Landscape Watering by the Numbers Xerixape: Landscaping with Style in the AZ Desert 

Landscape Watering by the Numbers:
A Guide for the Arizona Desert

A guide providing information about efficient watering in the Arizona Desert.

Xeriscape: Landscaping with Style
in the Arizona Desert

A step-by-step guide for planting, installing
and caring for desert landscape.

 Landscaping Plants fo the AZ Desert Water Leak

Landscape Plants for
the Arizona Desert

A guide to help you select plants to create an attractive, water-efficient landscape.

How to Determine if You Have
a Water Leak

A flier detailing step-by-step instructions for checking your water meter to determine if you have a leak.

Watering Schedule
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Other Water Conservation Resources

  • The Town of Queen Creek is partner with Water Use It Wisely and WaterSense.
  • Online brochures are available at Arizona Municipal Water Users Association.
  • Visit Water Use It Wisely's interactive Landscape Watering Guide for easy to follow, step by step instructions to help you figure out your landscape watering needs.
  • Take Water Use It Wisely's Water Challenge. After viewing the video...stay tuned. You will find many helpful "how to" video clips and instructions immediately following the video. If you want to learn how to repair a leaky faucet, replace a shower head or even adjust your irrigation controller, you will find it here.

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