Queen Creek Road - Ellsworth Road to Crismon Road

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Scheduled Design Phase: 2018-2019

Scheduled Construction Phase: Mid-2020

A1002 - QC Rd - Ellsworth to Crismon Rd- Phase 2


Design and construction of half street improvements including pavement, curb and gutter, bike lanes, sidewalks and street lights along portions of both sides of Queen Creek Road to complete the full street improvements from Ellsworth Rd. to Crismon Rd. The project will complete the drainage culverts across both Crismon and Queen Creek Roads at the Crismon intersection that are part of a regional drainage plan for the area.  Adjacent new development is contributing to and constructing a portion of the overall full roadway improvements.

Due to adjacent development occurring, the Town is planning to divide the construction into two phases.  One phase will consist of the south side of the street west of 214th St. to complete the roadway adjacent to now under construction northern half streets.  The second phase will consist of work at the Crismon intersection including a regional drainage culvert.  Proposed Phase 2 involves some complicated utility relocation work and water delivery scheduling.


None at this time.


The Phase 2 60% design plans are under staff and utility review.  Review and coordination with Queen Creek Irrigation District (QCID) is ongoing.  Irrigation pipeline conflict extent and potential pipeline replacement limits are being determined.


No meetings currently scheduled.


For more details about this project, please contact our project hotline at 480.898.4090.

For more information about our Capital Improvement Program, contact Troy White, Public Works Director at 480-358-3746 or troy.white@queencreek.org.

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