Sonoqui Trail Concepts Feedback

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The Sonoqui Wash runs through the southern portion of the Town of Queen Creek. A multi‐use trail along the wash is constructed from Power Road to Ellsworth Road, with plans to eventually continue the trail to the Town’s eastern border. The Town is planning trail improvement projects along the Sonoqui Wash. Within four trail segments, the Town will comprehensively develop the existing trail with new theming and rest area/nodes.

Logan Simpson has completed an update of the two conceptuals for each of the four trail segments. The updated concepts exhibit the feedback that Logan Simpson received from the Town of Queen Creek stakeholders, PRAC members and the general public. 

Please review the updated Sonoqui Wash Trail Concepts below or click here to read the updated narratives for each updated concept. The Town is seeking public and stakeholder feedback on the large scale design elements, overall themes, and features. Use the form below to give your feedback.


Agricultural Concept at Recker & Ocotillo

a. Agriculture #1        b.  Agriculture #2


Community Concept at Chander Heights & Sossaman

a. Community #1       b.  Community #2

Equestrian Concept at Hawes & Ellsworth

a. Equestrian #1          b.  Equestrian #2

Hohokam Concept at Ellsworth & Crimson

a. Hohokam #1          b.  Hohokam #2


Project Timeline

April 9 - PRAC and public review of preliminary concepts 

May 14 - PRAC and public review of updated concepts

July 17 - Town Council first review of updated concepts

August 7 - Town Council review and possible approval of final concepts


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